dimanche 27 décembre 2009

there is something

I don't know what but there is something in vintage ( specially vintage pictures ) that makes us love it. It 's like a fragrance of feelings, fashion, It's just magical.


dimanche 20 décembre 2009

christmas in south of france

Took these pictures on friday. I was such in a good mood because it was snowing aroud twelve but , you can see it , it wasn't for a long time and in the afternood noone could guess it was snowing earlier. Now it's really cold outside but no snow anymore and I just want to stay in my room, watch TV, and drink hot chocolate.
So I' ve prepared a cosy outfit as I like it.

mercredi 2 décembre 2009

A lot of people think that clothes on Etsy are cheap or second-hand. They are wrong, I found this amazing boutique BabooshkaBoutique justtake a look you will not regret there's some amazing clothes. I show you some of them. Enjoy !

Lace Asymmetrical Draped $53

harem jodphur leggings $29

The Peplum Micro Mini Layering Skirt in Feather Brush Stroke Monochromatic Grey $36








Boyfriend Sweater Tunic w/ pockets in Grey $74


  sweetheart bandage sweat dress $74

Hope it persuade you I let you discover by yourself the following here.

vendredi 9 octobre 2009

Hi bloggers .Just wanna say that starting new blog cause the first wasn't so good and I wanted to stop but I just can't , so new start .
You're asking why I choose this tittle ? I really love fashion but just so you know fashion is beautiful when people wear it with style , and I can't arrive to imagine how it would be if things are not like that .So in this blog you'll see lot of fashion new and closes but always wear with something more.

someday I was thinking about my blog and it takes a sense , somepeople has a diary where they them pain , them joyces . I prefer sharing my fillings and by the way talking about one of my passion : fashion.